Q : Is there any choice of fillings or nibs?
A : Absolutely! You can choose from a variety of fillings and nibs to satisfy your taste bud;
     Choice of Fillings :
     - Cocoa
     - Orange
     - Blueberry
     - Strawberry
     Choice of Nibs :
     - Raisin
     - Almond
     - Hazelnut

Q : I would prefer less sweet chocolate, can you do that for me?
A : Yes, we can. Just state your special request in the "Remarks" field in BeeChoc Order Form.

Q : I'm a dark chocolate lover, can I customize my order accordingly?
A : Yes, you can. Please choose your "Type of Chocolate" preference in BeeChoc Order Form.

Q : How long can I keep the chocolates?
A : It is recommended to store your chocolates with care and always in a cool dry place (no direct sun light and away from the sun). To some of our regular customer's experience, they have kept our chocolates lasting up to almost 2 weeks without any signs of deterioration or changes in taste of the chocolates (of course longer if keep in fridge). Anywhere hot (i.e. kitchen, car, room etc) is not advisable to store chocolate. When storing in a room, please make sure there is no direct sun light on the chocolate. When transporting chocolate in the car, please make sure there is no direct sun light on to the chocolate and the air condition is turned on to maintain a cool temperature. Never leave the chocolate in the car when the air condition is off, as the heat in the car is enough to make the chocolate moist or melt. Unless you are going to indulge yourself to some chocolate, please avoid holding the chocolate too long in your hand/palm as the heat from your body is enough to moist or melt the chocolate.

Q : How do you ship chocolates in hot weather?
A : We will try our best to ensure that your chocolates arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. Alhamdulillah we have shipped to various states in Peninsular & East Malaysia, rest assured our chocolates can hold up in Malaysia weather and climate.

Q : BeeChoc's chocolate for my wedding doorgifts?
A : Fabulous idea! We’re here to make it happen during your big day. We also have discounts if you order more than 1,000 pcs.

Q : BeeChoc's chocolate for my event or business?
A : Absolutely! Our chocolates are great for  all occasions. Your guests / clients will certainly be delighted.

Q : I would like to order BeeChoc chocolates, how can I do that?
A : You can click "Let's Order!" tab and fill-in BeeChoc Order Form. Then click "Submit" button. Order Confirmation Notification will be sent to you via email within 24hours. If you do not hear from us within that time frame, please do not hesitate to SMS or call Pn. Areen at 019-7927942 or En. Faried at 013-7702480

Q : Oh no! I entered the wrong address! Can I still change that?
A : Of course, unless you already got an email that we have shipped your chocolates. Immediately send us an email (feel free to use an exclamation mark) with your order details (name, date of order, product code & quantity) and the alternative address, and we will take care of it.

Q : What are the payment options I have?
A: Payment can be made via Online Transfer (i.e M2U, CIMBClicks), ATM or Cash Deposit to our MAYBANK / CIMB account (*Account number will be provided during Confirmation Order Notification send via email)

Q : Can I self pick-up my order?
A : Yes, you can if you are staying in Segamat or nearby (*Pick-up point address will be email to you upon payment confirmation)

Q : Does BeeChoc provide delivery service. Will there be additional charges for that?
A : Sure! Upon request we can deliver your chocs, nevertheless it will depends on our availability. Kindly be advised, there will be additional charges for delivery service.

Q : What shipping methods do you use? How many days it take to delivered?
A : We use POSLAJU, usually parcel will be delivered within 1-3 business days from the order's ship date.

Q : How much do you charge for the shipping fee?
A : Our rate is based on the POSLAJU Malaysia latest shipping tariff, which will be adviced upon order confirmation and before make the payment.

Q : Does BeeChoc ship chocolates everyday?
A : There will be no shipment on Saturday, Sunday & Malaysia's Public Holidays. For Segamat customers; Self Pick-up or Delivery can be arranged by appointment (depending on our availability)

Q : Does BeeChoc ship chocolates outside of Malaysia?
A : At the moment we are shipping only in Malaysia. However, should there's special request to ship outside of Malaysia, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will try our level best to accommodate.

Q : Do I need to get someone standby at home to collect parcel from POSLAJU or they'll drop off in my mailbox if nobody home?
A : Yes, you need to be at home to collect the item, as they need your signature to confirm that you had received the parcel. If you are not at home, they will drop a collection card for you, then you will need to go to their mentioned Pos Malaysia Office to collect your parcel. Thus, we recommend that you ship your order to a location where someone will be able to receive the item.

Q : How can I track my order delivery status?
A : When your order ships from us, we shall send an email/sms notification with your shipment tracking number*. To obtain POSLAJU shipping delivery status, enter your tracking number at http://www.pos.com.my or directly at (*upon request)

Q : Can I cancel or change my order?
A : We regret that orders cannot be cancelled once payment is made, you may however change your order to other BeeChoc's products within 24hours after order is confirmed.

Q : Can you deliver my order to my loved ones or my friend?
A : Sure, we can do that. Your order will be delivered directly to the recipient. Please provide their name & mailing address upon placing your order. If you wish to be 'mysterious', we can also arrange that for you. Your identity will not be disclosed.

Q : If I request delivery to my loved ones, how will he/she knows who it is from?
A :  Not to worry, as you can choose whether or not to show your information. Please let us know in advance so that we can personalize your gift. You could write your dedication note in the "Remarks" field in BeeChoc Order Form
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