About Us

"BeeChoc" is a wholly owned business of 
Areenz Homemade Chocolate (JR0018697-D),
a registered company with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) 

Puan Zaireen Sulaiman is the founder of BeeChoc Homemade chocolate, a wife & a mother of 4. Borned and lives in Segamat, Johore and a newbie in online chocolate business :) She spends her fantastic life loving her husband, chasing after her kids, working as a teacher during the week, and making chocs at the weekends. She's a highly motivated woman, she keeps learning new things and she believes life is a never ending learning process.

She wasn't always a chocolate fiend...neither dream of somehow making a business out of chocolate. Well here...This is where the 'journey' begins. A story of her transformation from an "ORDINARY wife & mom" to a "SUPER wife & mom" with dreams and ambitions centered firmly around chocolates :) And so she decided that it was time for a little education. She set out to try more chocolate & learn more about chocolate and she quickly found that there was more variety than she could have ever dreamed. She started making chocolates mid of 2010... Well, it started with simple solid homemade chocolate, then chocolate with centres, praline and other fancy ones. 

Soon later, a long term goal was set. She wanted to open her own chocolatier one day, to bring joy and satisfaction to chocolate lovers especially to those who crave for HALAL chocolates. Her motivation is of course......her FAMILY! :)

She comes out with this BeeChoc logo idea from 'Honey-Bee' pet names between her & her husband.

(to be continued...)
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