Thursday, September 16, 2010

24pcs Mixed Praline & Ganache and 1row + 2rows Choco SMS

Order from Pn. Siti Hajar, PROTON Edar Subang Jaya HQ
24pcs mixed praline & ganache specially for her beloved mom
1row & 2 rows Choco SMS for her cute nieces

Thanks a lot kak Siti for your support, hope they will love this Hari Raya ole-ole.
TQ...TQ, looking forward for your next order...he heee ツ

1 comment:

nor afifah said...

kak kalau nak order choclt yg cs-02 to brape skli dgn kos pnghantaran ? saya dok sentul brpe hari boleh smpai ?

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